Welcome to Salem's Parent Information Page

This page is designed to serve the parents of Salem's learners. We invite you to use it as an information resource and a forum for any questions, suggestions, or comments regarding the educational implementation of technology throughout our school.

The content of this wiki page will assist you in:
  • Better understanding the educational philosophy informing Salem's technology integration process
  • Reviewing the teacher training and supporting resources being provided our faculty
  • Gaining periodic updates and schedule of upcoming events
  • Voicing your questions, suggestions, or concerns

Our goal is to fully leverage the resources that Salem has been so richly blessed:
  • To improve the learning environment in our classrooms
  • Provide greater transparency and immediate information to our parents
  • Fully develop and engage the unique talents and ministry God has provided to each of our students

This wiki was created in our initial faculty training held this past June. Content has been organized by specific training topics and reflects the ongoing professional development provided through October. Our wiki's most dedicated purpose is to provide ongoing support to our teachers. Your welcome to review, question, and comment on anything of interest to you.

Since June, each of our teacher's has participated in professional development trainings and invested their time and effort to create their own classroom blogs, develop, learn, and utilize an online grading platform, received professional development books, articles, and videos, read and responded to leading educator blogs, met in professional learning communities to assist in specific integration strategies, and have provided their comments, questions, and suggestions on our technology integration process. Salem has also been working with Mr. Mark Wagner, an educational consultant, to assist in teacher training. His background and work can be reviewed on his blog at edtechlife.com.

Any input on this site can be viewed and responded to by our administration, teachers, parents, students and the community at large. To ensure all of your inquiries receive prompt attention and response, a notice is sent by e-mail to Mr. Duerr or Greg Busch.