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An Introduction to Weblogs in Education

Mark Wagner
Educational Technology and Life

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  • What is a blog?
  • What is the read/write web?
  • What do these technologies mean for you and your students?

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The One-Way Web
  • Powerful resource for educators and students, but…
  • Information moves from publishers to consumers
  • Information cannot be edited
  • Read-Only Web
  • Web 1.0

The Two-Way Web
  • It is now as easy to create as it is to consume.
  • Anyone can publish, share, and change information
  • Read/Write Web
  • Web 2.0
  • This is changing our world!

  • Web + Log = weblog or “we blog”
  • Easily created
  • Easily updated
  • If you can email, you can blog.
  • Blogs allow visitors to comment.

Educational Blogs

Subject Specific Examples

Grade Level Specific Examples: K-2 (From

Grade Level Specific Examples: 3-6 (From
  • Betty's Timely Teacher Talk by BettyB a retired sixth grade teacher from Texas.
  • 5B@MAS, Gordon Brune's 5th graders in Mamamroneck, NY (USA) - w/links to lots of other classes!
  • Arty Reflections (Year 4 - NSW ,Aust , Focus: creative and critical analysis using de Bono's Hats of student artwork
  • I Think.... (Middle - Upper Primary -NSW, Aust, Focus: Having students respond to online statements and then formulate arguments. Links to exposition and discussion text types in English)
  • Moturoa Classroom , a year four and five class from Nelson, New Zealand
  • Mullum Writers, Showcasing the work of the talented young writers at Mullumbimby Public School. NSW Australia (K-6)
  • Mrs. Perry's Blog - Fourth grader's blog network at St. Leonard Elementary School.
  • Mrs. Perry's 2005-6 Blog - 4th grade blog focusing on interaction with Guest Experts in different fields (astrophysicists, test pilot, veterinarian, & Broadway musical star) along with student interaction with curriculum content.
  • Puzzling Maths Problems (Year 4 - NSW, Aust, Focus: Problem solving strategies in Mathematics)
  • Room 208 (Grade3/4 class)
  • - third graders from Seattle, WA
  • Seufert's Scholars - 5th Grade class blog from El Paso, Texas
  • The V Posse Journal (Amy Vejraska's 3rd graders' class blog in Branson, Missouri)
  • More Examples:

Grade Level Specific Examples: Secondary (From

Reflection: Add your comment to our demo blog
  • How might you use a blog or blogs with your class?
  • What are your next steps?

Build a Blog: Hands-On with

Practice: Read, Reflect, Write, Respond...

Better Blogging

  • Engagement and Motivation
  • Context
  • Inquiry
  • Collaboration
  • Reflection and Metacognition

Concerns & Proactive Strategies

  • What do you see as obstacles to your use of blogs in your class?
  • What might you do to overcome these obstacles?
  • Online Evaluation

Blog Search Engines:
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Next Steps:
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