What are your worst fears and best hopes regarding the 1-to-1 initiative at Salem?

Worst Fears

Best Hopes

Battery Power Failures
Exciting the students
Internet Security / Exposure to Dangerous Sites
Reaching all learners - differentiation
Parent expectations and concerns (fear of attack from parents)
More motivational for some students
Troubleshooting - and not knowing how to fix it
Mastering project based learning
Students being miles ahead in computer knowledge
visual writing and revising... building vocabulary
Exciting teachers, too - doing something new - variety
Visiting the Internet in the middle of the lesson
Engage parents in their kids learning
Ability to get online
Great way for parents to see what's happening in school
Wondering if servers, printers, etc are up and running (and usable for all at once)
The evaluation of material by students... multiple sources (information literacy)
Carving out time to plan
Improve collaboration skills
What will students install? How can we control?
Improve presentation skills
Curriculum: understanding where I'm headed and guiding a student at the same time.
Time saving (grading etc)
Finding a balance of using the computer as an educational tool - not a time filler
Dream bigger :D
It will take away from classroom time
Model for others (other schools)
Entourage will chime too often
Adding a new dimension to the classroom experience
Instructional quality will suffer (is this worth doing?)
Training the kids for the future (new programmers and video game designers)
Will the kids listen to me when they have their computer on?
Teaching computers becomes a joy instead of a frustration.

Create new ministry...

Batteries are taken care of... and tech support keeps things working.