Welcome to the Salem Lutheran School Wiki


This site has been created to support the one-to-one student laptop initiative at Salem Lutheran School in Orange, California. The wiki serves as a space for Salem teachers to collaborate and learn about educational technology and other topics relevant to their work. A wiki can be a powerful tool for supporting a professional learning community online.

This site may also serve as an information and inquiry center for Salem parents.


Anyone can edit a page by clicking on "Edit This Page" above. To discuss the content of a page click on the "discussion" tab above. To learn more about how a wiki works, check out this video, "Wikis in Plain English". For a more detailed discussion of how wikis can be used in education, visit http://wikiwhileyouwork.wikispaces.com and view the "Wiki While You Work" video from the k12onlineconference.


Because planning is essential to any one-to-one implementation, the initial organization of this space was modeled after a successful educational technology plan. In the More... section you will find a link to curriculum, a page for discussing what students will do with the laptops - and for sharing lesson ideas. You will also find a link to professional development, a page for discussing training and ongoing training needs. There are also links to individual workshops, which will include agendas and links to supporting resources. (See Workshop #1 for an example.) Finally, you will also find a link to the evaluation section, a page for the ongoing assessment and evaluation of the one-to-one initiative's progress and impact.