Organization Skills

April 04, 2008

Opening Video

Welcome Activity
  • What strategies do you use to organize the data on your computer?
  • What strategies do you use to organize your data on paper?
  • What do you need help with organizing (on your computer)?

The Home Directory
  • Home Directory Structures
  • Document Folder Organization
    • Top Level Organization
    • "Notes Folder"
    • "Other Folder"
  • Desktop Organization
    • Arrange By...
    • "Cleaned Up" Folder

Activity: Organize your Documents folder and Desktop.


  • Sidebar Organization
    • Folders
    • Saved Searches (Smart Folders)
  • Dock Organization and Options
    • Position, Magnification, and Hiding
    • Websites
    • Files
    • Folders (Stacks)

Activity: Organize your Finder sidebar and add a few saved searches.

Productivity Applications

Backup Strategies
  • Synchronized Home Directories (at Salem)
  • Time Machine (on Leopard)
  • Individual Backup using Flash Drives, eMail, and Network Storage

Ways to Accept Student Work
  • email
  • Network Share
  • Drop Box
  • Flash Drive
  • iChat

Activity: Choose one strategy from above to practice.

Questions, Answers, and Sharing

  • What is one strategy from today that you will implement?
  • What do you still need help on?

Online Evaluation