Reading Blogs

Blogging begins with reading. Here are some great places for the staff to look for interesting blogs to read... and remember these are not all classroom blogs, but reflective educator blogs. ;)

Individual Blogs To Start From (they point to many others):

Team Blogs To Start From (again, they can follow the links):

My Subcriptions (Focus on the "NECC Edubloggercon07" Group for the Best Stuff):

Even More Educational Blogs:

I suspect everyone will be able to find at least one blog that appeals to them among these collections. Let me know if you're looking for something specific.


Blogging is about making connections and making contributions... commenting on others' blogs is one important way to do both. When you find a blog post that intrigues you, leave a comment for the author (and other readers). There is usually a link at the top or bottom of the post. You may see a link that says the number of comments or that says "No Comments." Click on the comment link, fill out the necessary information, type your comment and then hit submit (or send, or publish) to complete the process. You comment may appear immediately, or it may be sent into moderation to be approved by the author of the blog.


Be prepared to share your experience with others in the room. Consider the following questions for guidance:
  • What did you find to read?
  • What was the process like?
  • Where did you comment, what did you say, and how did you feel as you submitted your comment?