Reflection Activity

Read the quote below and reflect on the following question. Be prepared to share your answer with your colleagues.


"A digital assistant [a laptop] can serve as a database for work and files, a sketchpad and planner for projects, a publisher for reports and papers, and a conduit for research that provides access to online resources. It's a communication facilitator for e-mail, instant messaging, and blogging; a calculator and what-if analyzer of data and information; and a digital processor for photos and video. It's a device that facilitates a student's thinking, analyzing, presenting, writing, reading, researching, revising, communicating, questioning, proposing, creating, surmising, and publishing."*


When one thing do you most look forward to implementing with your laptop next year? What are your next steps?


What do you most look forward to implementing when your students have a laptop? What can you do to prepare now?

*Source: Livingston, P. (2006). 1-to-1 Learning: Laptop Programs That Work. Washington, DC: International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE).